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Great items for your kitchen.  For more products, visit Celtic Attic!

Dragon Pewter Stein
  • Dragon Pewter Stein
    • $100.00US
    • Pewter, classic shape, brightly polished finish, pewter base. An intricately detailed winged dragon is separately cast and serves as the handle of the tankard. Its open wings connect at the top of the handle and its tail at the bottom. Made in England. Volume: 0.5L Dimensions: 6"  Please allow 2 weeks for shipping on this item.
Celtic Attic Cookbook
  • Celtic Attic Cookbook
    • $15.95US Print version (first add to cart button)
    • $6.00US PDF version.  From the darkest corner of the cupboard, buried with all the other treasures left to me by the generations that have passed before... Enjoy the recipes of the Celtic & Scandinavian cultures.  PDF and 8X10 bound printed versions available.  Once your order is completed you will be emailed the PDF file.  Printed version signed by author.

Tea for One Set

  • Tea for One Set
    • $35.00US Adorable Tea for one sets.  Cup, Saucer & Teapot all stackable, convenient and oh so Celtic. Choose Shamrocks or Thistles.
Irish Beverage Can Belt
  • Irish Beverage Can Belt
    • $25.50US
    • Wonderfully Irish. Green  design with the words Irish on each pouch and a shamrock on the end pouch.  Holds 6 of your favorite beverage cans. A perfect edition Irish beverage lover.
Slainte Claddagh Bottle Opener
  • Slainte Claddagh Bottle Opener
    • $21.95US
    • Oh so perfect to open that Guinness Draught or a fine bottle Pale Ale.  Solid Brass, with a Claddagh and Slainte written above it.
Traveling Picnic
  • Traveling Picnic Set
    • $30.00US
    • Green carry case with all the picnic essentials.  Napkins, cutting board, utensils.
Irish Cutting Board
  • Irish Cutting Board
    • $25.00US
    • Cutting board is crafted of heat-resistant, textured glass. 15 5/8" x 11 3/4".  Says:  Bless us with good food, the gift of gab and hearty laughter. May the love and joy we share be with us ever after.
Tree of Life Flask
  • Tree of Life Flask
    • $55.00US
    • Tree of life flask.  8 Oz.  The cup is copper and this is a great gift idea.
Welsh Dragon Flask
  • Welsh Dragon Flask
    • $50.00US
    • These are truly amazing flasks.  8 ounces of stainless steel flask.  Detachable belt clip, built in shot glass with a the Welsh Dragon Design, and beautifully boxed for gift presentation.

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