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  • Lilith
    • $22.00US
    • Pewter w/ 36" cord
    • The legendary figure of Lilith has become a symbol for women’s unity. Feminist culture has adopted Lilith as an icon of women’s equality,
      freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and sexual freedom. As with many legendary and mythological female figures, Lilith has been associated with the dark side.   actual size: 1&1/2" h X 7/8"w

Celtic Unicorn
  • Celtic Unicorn
    • $22.00US
    • Pewter w/ 36" cord
    • The Unicorn is a mystical creature born out of the dreams of all who believe in the human spirit, the purity of the heart, the creativity of the mind, and the strength of the bond between all living beings. Some say the Unicorn has a dual existence; a human form on earth, and a wild and beautiful equine creature on the astral plane. actual size: 1" h X 7/8"w
Moons of Hecate
  • Moons of Hecate
    • $22.00US
    • Pewter w/ 36" cord. As a triple-goddess, Hecate represents maiden, mother and crone; mind, body and spirit; and birth, life, and death. As mistress of the Night, she represents the three stages of the lunar cycle, new, full and dark. As ruler of the menstrual cycles, Hecate can wreak havoc in the lives of women and their lovers. Hecate rules over childbirth, menstruation, and menopause. All the feminine powers! All the powers that men fear most! Hecate enforces feminine independence from masculine influence! But men and women take heed! Hecate is a Goddess for all! She is the great equalizer. Invoke Hecate into your life and rid yourself of dualistic beliefs; black and white, good and bad.
      In truth and wisdom, Hecate can propagate balance and neutrality into your life and bring forth compassion for the self and all who share the human condition.
      actual size 1 1/4" w x 1" h
Oak Tree
  • Oak Tree
    • $22.00US
    • Pewter w/ 36" cord
    • The Oak tree is scared to the Celtic people, bestowing great power and breadth of vision. The Oak engenders self-confidence, optimism, the ability to cope with danger and difficulty.

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