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Transformational Key Chains
  • Transformational Key Chains
    • $12.00US 
    • Wonderful key chains.  Each stone has a different meaning.  These are very unique. Each Item is individually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike.  All images and products are copyrighted by Seeds of Light, Inc. Choose from:  Goddess, Harmony, Attraction, Protection, Power or Charka.
Claddagh Pewter Keychain
  • Claddagh Pewter
    • $8.00US 
    • Great Claddagh Pewter Key chain. Durable and oh so Irish.
Knotwork Saying Keychain
  • Knotwork Saying Key chain
    • $10.00US 
    • Great Celtic cross Knotwork key chain.  Has the Road Rise Blessing on the back of the cross.
Trinity Keychain
  • Trinity Key chain  
    • $10.00US  
    • Traditional Irish symbol in a key chain for showing off your heritage.  Great metalwork.

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