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Great Silver earrings.  For more products, visit Celtic Attic!

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  • Celtic Tree of Life Earrings
    • $20.00US
    • Measuring 5/8" around and approximately 1 1/2" long the wonderful earrings depict the Celtic Tree of Life with its branches forming an intricate knotwork circle to surround the tree. The tree bole holds a tiny jewel at its center.
Trinity Knot Earrings
  • Triquetra Earrings
    • $45.00US
    • These sterling silver earrings are 1-3/8 long including the French hook ear wires.
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  • Celtic Heart Earrings
    • $15.00US
    • Composed of a series of layered, entangled hearts, each of this earrings is a beautiful heart-shaped celebration of the eternal beauty and promise of love.

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