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We have a wide variety of Unique Jewelry items

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Phoenix Rising
  • Phoenix Rising
    • $22.00US
    • It is a mythical bird which evolved from the beliefs of sun-worshipping peoples. The sun was thought to fly through the sky, immolated and reborn by the fires of sunset and sunrise. The “Phoenix” became a symbol of resurrection; burning in the fires, yet being reborn. Mythology tells us that this great bird lived for several centuries, then built its own funeral pyre, lit it, and descended into the flames. After its body burned up, it would arise newborn, out of the ashes.........actual size: 1&1/4" h X 7/8"w

Celtic Warrior Shield
  • Celtic Warrior Pendant
    • $25.00US
    • actual size: 1" x 1/8" diameterThis Shield of protection is a Celtic design based on the numbers 3 and 4, which enable magical powers to come into play that help provide circles of protection and other important esoteric forces to enhance well being.  The central design in this work is a Quatrefoil composed of 4 circles interlocked into magical Celtic Knots. They represent the four corners of the Earth, the 4 winds, the 4 elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Most importantly these points represent the 4 angelic guardians. The quatrefoil is a symbol of good luck as in the 4-Leaf clover. One of several world symbols, this design is where the 4 realms of North, South, East, and west are joined and the 4 elemental angelic guardians bring protection to those who wear this amulet.
Triquetra Knot Pendant
  • Triquetra Pendant
    • $50.00US
    • This sterling silver pendant measures 1” x 3/4”. Chain is included.
Pentacle of the Goddess
  • Pentacle of the Goddess
    • $25.00US
    • Pewter with 36" cord
    • This delicate talisman combines the protective power of the five pointed star with the open flowers of the Goddess. This pentacle calls upon the life giving powers of the Goddess while conveying its protection upon the bearer. It is worn in respect and honor to our Earth Mother.
    • actual size 1&1/4" diameter
Celtic Pentacle
  • Celtic Pentacle
    • $25.00US
    • Pewter with 36" cord
    • This designs incorporates Celtic Knotwork into the pentacle to make for a powerful talisman. The unbroken lines represents man's eternal quest for spiritual growth and fulfillment of the soul. The power of the Celts and the protective quality of the pentacle make this a truly magical piece!
    • actual size 1&1/4" diameter
Celtic Cross Hearth Pendant
  • Celtic Cross Hearth Pendant
    • $41.00US
    • The ancient symbol of love and affection ornaments a traditional cross design representing the four seasons of the Celtic year and is worn to attract true and happy friendship. Produced in pewter, accented with Swarovski crystals, and supplied with chain.  Approximate size: 1" x 1"
St. Brigid's Cross Pendant
  • St. Brigid's Cross Pendant
    • $30.00US
    • Courtney Davis Pendant design.  Comes on a black cord presented in a satin drawstring bag with leaflet that tells the meaning of the pendant.
Guinevere Pendant
  • Guinevere Pendant
    • $35.00US
    • Handed down from Leodegrance to his daughter Guinevere on the occasion of her marriage to King Arthur and then given as a secret token of her love to her champion Lancelot, this unusual cross is reputed to enable its wearer to find and embrace True Love. Produced in lead-free polished pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and provided with a 20" chain.  Approximate size: 2" x 1Ό"

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