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[Fae Folk]

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Welcome to the Land of the Ancient World of the Celtic and beyond.  Gifts, Jewelry and Goodies Galore.  History, Folklore and Myths of these wonderful mythical creatures.

Dragon Globe Table Lamp
  • Dragon Globe Table Lamp
    • $72.00US 
    • What an awe-inspiring way to illuminate your castle! Reminiscent of centuries-old European carvings, this roaring dragon holds aloft a glowing glass globe. Pair them on either side of a doorway for a grand entry! Polyresin with glass globe.  UL Recognized, 8 1/2" x 7" x 18" high.


IB753.JPG (19121 bytes)
  • Dragon Wing Incense Holder
    • $25.00US 
    • A sinuous western dragon claws at the smoke from your favorite incense stick or cone. With one of his wings curled beneath him to form the ash-catcher, and another above to guide the smoke in the right direction, this 10" long 4 1/2" tall dracoform is a beautiful representation of these beings whose name has become synonymous with power.


Grim Reaper Tic Tac Toe
  • Grim Reaper Tic Tac Toe
    • $30.00US
    • Turn X's and O's into "hexes and woes" with this ghoulishly great set! The classic game is mystically updated with the skeleton board, intricately festooned with relief skulls and jeweled embellishments. Polystone. 9" x 9" x 4" high.



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