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Welcome to the Land of the Fae Folk.  Gifts, Jewelry and Goodies Galore.  History, Folklore and Myths of the Celtic Fae and beyond.

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Pixie Dust Sugar Scrub
  • Irish Fairy Sugar Scrub
    • $15.00US
    • Wonderful sugar scrubs for dry skin!  These scrubs are made with fine brown sugar and/or organic turbinado sugar, light oils and humectants to draw moisture to your skin such as jojoba, safflower, sunflower oils and glycerin. We include the most luscious of Irish Fairy smells.

Fairy Water
  • Fairy Water
    • $8.00US
    •  Lavender smell so sweet...  Fairy Petal Water is a "fairy" nice treat!  Fairy Petal Water is a beautifully scented water intended to be worn when out looking for fairies! Fairies are said to be unable to resist the scent of rose and use lavender to scent their own clothes.

Fairy Stones
  • Fairy Stones
    • $10.00US
    • Read the story of the Fairy Treasure Stones; follow Claresa's instructions and in the morning the Stone will reveal it's ancient fairy treasure !  The magical stone includes the Story of Fairy Treasure Stones, A bottle of Claresa's Most Magical Fairy Dust, Complete instructions to follow to reveal your fairy treasure!  Following the instructions to reveal your stone's treasure combines imagination, anticipation and pure wonder!  Children give the same astonished reaction every time.  Clearance item 50% off Now

Fairy Dust
  • Fairy Dust
    • $10.00US
    • "Daffodil, Primrose, Candytuft, Pink.....Fairies please make my wish come true Quick as a wink!  Great little bottle filled with Fairy Dust. 

JORFAI.jpg (9204 bytes)
  • Tree Fairy Oil Bottle
    • $15.00US
    • Shaped by hand in the artistic style of Raku, the Japanese craft of hand-shaped clay, this beautiful oil bottle depicts the vividly detailed image of a lithesome fairy, sitting in a tree. With flowers seemingly in bloom around her and the moon rising full, it is a delightful image full of the vitality of the Fae. Intended to be strung upon your favorite cord or chain, it comes with a cork and hangs approximately 2" long.

bronze_fairy.jpg (201452 bytes)
  • Bronze Fairy Suncatcher  
    • $20.00US 
    • Fairy Sun Catcher 28mmAB Octagon.  All of the work is polished then coated in a clear lacquer to preserve the finish.

39196.jpg (24138 bytes)
  • Fairy Cell Phone Holder 
    • $15.00US 
    • Your cellphone will stay safe, sound and organized when it's guarded by its very own fairy! A dainty winged maiden perches atop a blushing bloom; beside her, a broad green leaf forms a fitting cup to cradle your phone. Cellphone not included. Polyresin, Metal.  5 1/8" x 3" x 4 3/4" high


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