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Some very unique Artwork and Crafts for your shopping pleasure.

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  • Transformational Key Chains
    • $15.00US
    • Wonderful keychains.  Each stone has a different meaning.  These are very unique. Each Item is individually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike.  All images and products are copyrighted by Seeds of Light, Inc. Choose from:  Goddess, Harmony, Attraction, Protection, Power or Chakra.

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  • Circle of Life Wax Seal
    • $25.00US
    • This is a 1 1/8" diameter, Circle of Life Swirls Celtic Wax Seal Stamp. Makes a stunning wax seal. A Celtic design symbolizing the endless circles of wonderful life and also prosperity. 50% off CLEARANCE ITEM!

Celtic Sky Stones

Celtic Sky Stones

  • $10.00US

  • The Celts believed in the consciousness of all things.  Even stones were thought to have a spirit.  This unique product bring back the old ways in a New and Exciting Divination tool.  Complete with Bag and Stones, plus a little pamphlet explaining the simple use of this product.  Fun tool provides Yes or No response to a question asked. Explore your Celtic Ancestry!


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Steampunk Dragon Head Box

  • $65.00US

  • The Steampunk Dragon Head Box is a great place to store your little trinkets. This would also make a great display piece in your Steampunk themed room or office. This box features a mechanical dragon head. The upper jaw lifts off to reveal the inside. The Steampunk Dragon Head Box is made of hand painted cold cast resin and measures 9.5 inches long.



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