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Welcome to the Grove of the
Celtic People! This site is dedicated to
the History, Myth, Legend and Truths that our ancestors so generously have left us. We are seekers of Celtic magic, wisdom, peace, love and the Great Earth Mother.  Shop for that perfect Silver, Pewter or Gold Pendant or browse our Resources page to discover what the meaning of the Claddagh, Shamrock, Thistle or Dragon might be now or in antiquity.


Products:  Browse and discover a world of Celtic Knotwork that intertwines the Past into the Present and the Present into Your Future. We offer a wide variety of Celtic Jewelry, Gifts, Baskets, Bath Salts, Lotions, Soaps, Tarot Cards, Pouches, Incense, Candles, Aromatherapy, Oils and other Now Age Gifts & Treasures.►

Celtic Warrior Pendant This Shield of protection is a Celtic design based on the numbers 3 and 4, which enable magical powers to come into play that help provide circles of protection and other important esoteric forces to enhance well being.►

Celtic Attic Cookbook Purchase the new and exciting Celtic & Viking Cookbook written by website owner, Kristin Olsen►

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Resources Loose your self in the ancient traditions of the Celtic People, the Otherworld and the Fae Folk that our resource section will provide you!  Join us on a journey to discover the past and learn about the present, the Celtic Lands await your exploration.
Celtic Traditions, Legends, Fact & Fiction, Magick, Meanings, Prayers, Recipes, Spells, Spirituality Definitions.

Triple Crescent MoonJust a little more about us... Way back in 2000 Celtic Attic had the honor of selling 4 Triple Crescent Moon Pendants to the TV show  "Charmed". We hand delivered the pendants that are made and designed by our Jeweler to the studio in Hollywood, CA.  It was great fun being able to supply these props to this TV show that we actually watched and my kids loved and still do!  We never got credit in writing anywhere, but we have our invoice to the producer. ►


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