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 I started Celtic Callings™ as a small addition to my other website Celtic Attic -  I realized in my research for the Celtic Attic website, that when you typed in the term "Celtic" into the search engines, it brought about all things Cultural and Religious.  As Celtic Attic is the Cultural Side of my life,  Celtic Callings is the more Spiritual side the Ancient Celts.  Everyone is Free to Believe and Practice their own religious path as long as it does not hurt anyone and here on these pages, we have listed lots of information about many different Religious Paths.  After all the Bible says "Judge Not lest ye be Judged", the New Age Path state "harm none" and the Koran, Torah and Many other Ancient Text including some Celtic ones believe in the sanctity of life and the Freedom that affords each and every one of us.  I hope you enjoy reading and browsing and shopping our website.

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Just a little more about us... Way back in 2000 Celtic Attic had the honor of selling 4 Triple Crescent Moon Pendants to the TV show  "Charmed".  We hand delivered the pendants that are made and designed by our Jeweler to the studio in Hollywood, CA.  It was great fun being able to supply these props to this TV show that we actually watched and my kids loved and still do!  We never got credit in writing anywhere, but we have our invoice to the producer.  Here is just a little more info and some pictures from the Charmed Wikia Website.

A group of Good witches, powers and numbers unknown. The Demon Sykes tried to annihilate all its members in Black as Cole. Their symbol, a triple crescent, is related to the Charmed Ones' symbol, the triquetra.

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